Piano Lessons 

Our piano lesson programs here at Kosha Music Academy are great for students of any age (ages 4 and up).  We customize learning to fit the student's age.  Our younger students love the games that are incorporated as a portion of their lessons that make their lessons not only filled with new learning about the piano, but also fun.


We engage our younger students with a sense of exploration and play.  So don't be surprised if they finish with a smile on their face as they learn to play the piano.

Our more established students love the exploration of music that await them as they develop into a well rounded musician, all while reaching the goals that they have set for themselves.

Lessons (all with each student's goals in mind) will focus on:

  • learning songs/repertoire

  • instruction on technique

  • level appropriate music theory

  • fundamentals of good musicianship 

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Girl Playing Beginner Piano